Hampton Court Palace
16 - 18 May 2025


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At Haskapa, we have one mission: to tell the world about haskap berries and their extraordinary qualities. Why? Because nature and science are a powerful combination.

Haskapa was founded by husband and wife team Evie, a doctor, and Simon, a ‘green’ entrepreneur. Harnessing the haskap’s extraordinary taste and deep colour, they created a juice, crowned best new juice in the world at the 2013 World Juice Awards (yes, there is such a thing!).

After years of research and product development, a freeze-dried powder was created, retaining the high levels of the berry’s natural bioactive content. Haskapa’s signature powder product was launched in the UK in 2019 and is now being distributed across a growing number of countries.

The powder is made from berries grown and harvested on their own farm and other carefully selected Canadian suppliers, and nothing else.

HARNESS THE POWER OF PURPLE: "We passionately believe that a healthy diet is a key factor in maintaining lifelong health and wellbeing. The humble haskap berry has purple power in abundance. Oh, and it tastes amazing too!"

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