Hampton Court Palace illustration Hampton Court Palace illustration
Hampton Court Palace
18 - 20 June 2021

Family Fun

There’s plenty of fun for all the family in the East Gardens this June, from traditional fête games, Shire Horse Rides and vintage gramophones playing the sounds of the 1930s.

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Shire Horsesaccordian title

Nearly 500 years ago, Henry VIII started the process to acquire the ultimate war horse, and so the Shire Horse was born. His desire to produce a war horse that could carry a man in heavy armour to battle also resulted in a great agricultural work horse that met a new demand in the Industrial Revolution. To this day, the Shire Horse is still the largest horse in the world with some standing as tall as 20 hands (compared to the average race horse which is 16 hands). Unfortunately, these magnificent creatures have now been designated as being at risk by the Rare Breeds Survival Trust and are rarer than the giant panda!

Today, the Shire Horses are not just simply used for carriage rides, they are also vitally important for the work they do on the 60 acres of land at Hampton Court as well as all the Royal Parks and many other surrounding areas of London. The Shire Horses at Hampton Court Palace are part of a small herd that are the last working Shires in London, a suitable tribute to King Henry VIII’s plans all those years ago.

Find out more and enjoy a Shire Horse ride at the Hampton Court Palace Artisan Festival. Carriage rides will be available on Saturday and Sunday at the Festival, between 10.30am-5pm.

'It's a Wind Up' Vintage 78DJs accordian title

It’s a wind up! but not in the usual sense as DJs Matt and Annabel spin the discs on their 1930’s picnic wind up gramophones. These two shellac jockeys collect old 78rpm discs and play from their vast collection of over 20,000 records and 15 gramophone players.

Their eclectic collection of 78s and broad musical tastes mean you’ll hear a fantastic set of the best 20th Century sounds. One moment you’ll be swaying to a calypso, the next swinging to the big band sound and then boogying down to some rare RnB and blues.

Dance the day away as these vintage gramophones provide the perfect soundtrack to the Hampton Court Palace Artisan Festival

Family Fun at Hampton Court Palace 2021 Family Fun at Hampton Court Palace 2021 Family Fun at Hampton Court Palace 2021 Family Fun at Hampton Court Palace 2021 Family Fun at Hampton Court Palace 2021

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