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Hampton Court Palace illustration Hampton Court Palace illustration
Hampton Court Palace
3 - 5 December 2021

The Cocktail Bar by The London Essence Co.


Introducing six new cocktails from The London Essence Co. 

Designed to entice you to try something different, all six drinks are simple and elegant, the unique flavours and aromas of their unmistakeable botanicals come through alongside a seasonal element in each drink. 


Take a look below for the selection of mouth-watering tipples. 


Chilled G&TEA 



25ml Salcombe Gin 'Start Point'

5ml Tangerine Syrup

Top up with London Essence Indian Tonic

Add your favourite cold tea infusion tea bag

Garnish: Your selected tea bag – leave in drink while drinking






25ml Salcombe Gin 'Rosé Sainte Marie'

75ml Freixenet Prosecco

75ml London Essence Bitter Orange & Elderflower Tonic

Garnish: Citrus zest






25ml Salcombe Rum ‘Whitestrand’

50ml Chilled Mulled Wine

Top up with London Essence Ginger Beer  

Garnish: Cinnamon Stick






2/3 of Peroni Nastro Azzuro

1/3 of London Essence White Peach & Jasmine Soda

Garnish: A thin slice of fresh peach


Sapling Spritz 



25ml Sapling Vodka
Fresh Basil
Lime Juice
Top up with London Essence Rhubarb & Cardamom Soda


Zero Proof 



25ml Salcombe 'New London Light' (NLL)

Top up with London Essence Ginger Ale

Garnish: Orange zest


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